If you have questions or are inquiring about a DBCL membership, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Download DBCL General Information document.

Download DBCL Membership Application.

Download DBCL New Member Checklist.

Membership Renewals

  • Regular Member: $245
  • Regular Member with at least 15 work hours: $110
  • Age 65+ Member (65 and older, no work hours required): $110
  • Age 70+ and 25+ years Member: $20
  • Scholastic Member: $50
  • Junior Member: $40
  • Spousal Member: $40
  • Handicapped Member: $110
  • Veteran Member: $110 (new for 2022)


  1. All memberships expire on the last day of the calendar year with a payment grace period of two months, ending the last day of February in the new year.
  2. All work hours must be completed and handed in to the membership secretary prior to the first day of December. Contact chairpersons or review the club calendar for work opportunities. Only work hours performed by the "Regular" status member apply towards a possible reduced membership fee. Junior, scholastic and spousal members are encouraged and welcomed to put in work hours, but their time will not be counted towards the related Regular member’s work hours.
  3. The mailing address for Membership payments or questions is P.O. Box 112, Richfield, WI 53076.

Membership Type Definition

Type for membership year based on age as of December 31st of preceding year:
  • Junior, is 17 or younger.
  • Scholastic, is 22 or younger.
  • Age 65+, is 65 or older.
  • Member 25 years/Age 70+, is 70 or older and member for 25 or more years.

New Memberships

New membership applications accepted at each regular meeting on the 1st Tuesday of each month through November. No new members accepted during the December meeting.

  • Regular Member: $300
  • Age 65+ Member: $300
  • Scholastic Member: $50
  • Junior Member: $40
  • Spousal Member: $40
  • Handicapped Member: $300
  • Veteran Member: $300

Renew Your NRA Membership

NRA Renewal with Club Info A very silent fundraiser can be a very profitable one! As you renew for the NRA, include on your renewal the #XP015562, the Club receives $5. If you join the NRA as a new member, include this number on your application, the Club gets $10. Very simple!

Quick link: NRA renewal site with club identification.